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WANG DU, artist

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This is a quality exhibition of Chinese artist Wang Du’s work by the Baronian Gallery of Brussels. Wang Du lives and works in Paris, France and is one of the most widely known and appreciated Chinese artists on the current contemporary scene. He has done exhibitions throughout the world and has pieces in museums as well as public and private collections.

Wang Du's work is a clear criticism of the dominance of mass media, both as the main force of social and economic manipulation and political mobilization. The work of Wang Du begins his criticism pointing out the most pragmatic aspect of the mass media mechanism.

In 1994, when he began using sculpture as a mode of expression, he selected images from newspapers and magazines of the most trivial events and personalities and turned them into statues than are more or less serious, often monumental. This gesture of returning the most commonly accepted social values, compromising the manipulative strategy of mass media, often causes conspiratorial laughter in the viewer. And there is no doubt of the greater implication: a scathing criticism of the media and its hegemonic power in contemporary society.

Although Wang Du's work is overtly critical, it’s nonetheless fun and visually refreshing, both in terms of content – the images selected to represent the media world in his collages – as well as in the terms of form – the sculptural versatility, scale, layout, etc. Amid this tension between criticism and amusement, we can feel a clear distrust of the artificial relationships between an image and what it’s purported to mean, since these relationships have been spread by the media in order to secure its dominance. This distrust reveals an openly provocative and edgy positioning that surely does not risk being branded as “politically correct”.1

1/ Extract of the item written by Hou Hanru published in Wang Du Magazine, entitled Je veux être un média (I Want to be a Media), p. 13.

Foto Wang Du
Wang Du

Wuhan, China, 1956

Wang Du was born in Wuhan, Hubei Province (People’s Republic of China) and studied in the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

He was a professor at the Department of Architectural Research of the Southern China Polytechnic University until 1989 when he was arrested and jailed (for nearly a year) for his involvement with the Tiananmen Square Incident. When he was released, since there was not much hope of a future in his home country, Mr. Wang immigrated to Paris in 1990.

After his arrival in Paris, he developed a personal style that has been featured to museums and galleries around the world. He is known for his over-sized works. He makes sculptures and pieces that criticize the mass media, showing that sometimes the reality within media and the images that flood our society are beyond actual reality.

Mr. Wang has done individual expositions and participating in multi-artist expositions in museums and art galleries in Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Ireland, Brazil, United States, Turkey and Japan.

Individual Expositions:

• Armory Show – New York, USA.  
• Biennal Foundation – South Korea
• Viersen Sculpture Collection – Viersen, Germany.
• Centre Georges Pompidou, Musée National d’Art Moderne – Paris
• Ullens Center for Contemporary Art – Beijing, China
• MuKHA – Antwerp, Belgium
• Musée des Beaux-Arts de Metz – France
• FNAC - Fond National d’Art Contemporain – France
• Kestnergesellschaft – Hannover, Germany
• Vancouver Art Gallery – Canada
• Yerba Buena Center for the Arts – San Francisco, USA.
• FRAC - Fond Régional d’Art Contemporain Rhône-Alpes – France
• IAC - Institut d’Art Contemporain – Villeurbanne, Francia
• Museum of Monaco
• Museum of Contemporary Art – Chicago, USA.