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Thursday August 15 / 8.30 pm

L’artesà de planetes

Mots de Fusta
Familiar concert

Artistic file

L’artesà de planetes (The Artisan of Planets)

60 minutes

Quim Fargas –narrator

Òscar Vilaprinyó –violinist
Tomàs Alcaide –violinst
Maria Amorós –violist
Núria Galvañ –cellist

Mots de fusta

Alba Navarro
Maria Amorós

Òscar Boix

Quim Fargas

Òscar Vilaprinyó

Clàudia Troy
Alba Navarro

Program notes


Mots de Fusta started in 2011 with the purpose of creating a platform where different fields of study and different disciplines of art can integrate and converge.

Each member has different specialties and training, yet they all share the same interests in collaborating with different types of artists and professionals such as filmakers, illustrators, writers etc., all of which gives a richness to their productions.

Since their beginning, they have been able to hold two artistic residencies. The first in 2012 at C.C. Can Felipa, and the other in 2014 at Laboratori d’Arts Escèniques Tísner (Tisner Laboratory of Performing Arts).

They have performed in various venues in Barcelona, such as the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (The Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona), the Sala Moritz (The Moritz Hall), the Foment de les Arts i el Disseny de Catalunya (Promotion of Arts and Design of Catalonia), the auditorium at CosmoCaixa and the Church of Santa Maria of Mar as well as other venues. The group has also performed in other parts of Catalonia, as in cicles de Joventuts Musicals (Youth Musicals Cycles) and other well established programs, as well as in other parts of Spain. They did a tour through Andalusia in 2013 with the Circuito Abecedaria (Performing Arts Circuit).

L’ARTESÀ DE PLANETES (The Artisan of the Planets)

If we take a trip on a spaceship into a faraway place where stars are born and die, we pass through the nebula and through black holes, we arrive at a time long ago, in a place where no man has stood… and here is where we start our magical story of the creation of our planets and stars!

The magic of storytelling and music is this spaceship that will transport us into this fantasy where we will meet the maker of the planets and the helpers and we will join them in the creation of our solar system.

L’artesà de planetes (The Artisan of the Planets) was created with original music, composed by one of the musicians and the story is told by the writer himself.

The five members of the group play roles as helpers in this a of the stars, in which they explain the adventures they encounter as they make the solar system. They describe the Sun and each of the planets through words and music and a touch of humor. Words and music take turns as different performers that tell a fun and dynamic story.


L’artesà de planetes

L’artesà de planetes

QUIM FARGAS, narrator

His passion for storytelling and writing came long before his graduation from the University of Barcelona with a Masters of Education. His schooling helped him hone his abilities as a storyteller and public speaker.

Always closely linked to teaching, he has taught courses, workshops and monographs, in addition to acting as a storyteller in educational centres, libraries, youth centres, community centres and recreation centres of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

The recovery and transmission of the cultural heritage of Catalonia has also been one of his great priorities, which has led him to be very active in associations and to work on scientific dissemination projects with the company Creaciència.


After completing his studies of violin performance at the ESMUC and the Hague Conservatory, his interest has led him to continue training in compositional techniques at the Liceu Superior Conservatory.

His performance experience with youth orchestras as well as professional orchestras and groups is very extensive if we consider his youth (JONC, JONDE, GIOrquestra, OJC, Liceu Orchestra, among others). His concert activity at the national level is really intense, although it does not keep him from finding time to create compositions of great charm and beauty such as L’artesà de planetes (The Artisan of Planets).

TOMÀS ALCAIDE, violinist

A fellow ESMUC student of Òscar Vilaprinyó’s, Tomàs Alcaide complemented his studies of violin performance with education and cultural management training.

His versatility has led him to perform in both classical performances (Young Dutch National Orchestra, The World Orchestra, the Vallès Symphony Orchestra, among others) and in great musical productions.

He has worked with Xavier Mestres, Josep Maria Pou and Concha Velasco. Currently, he combines his concert activity with his educational work at the Lleida Conservatory and the management of several musical projects.


Maria Amorós also graduated from ESMUC, and then completed an advanced performance course at the Liceu Superior Conservatory. She has been a member of numerous orchestral and chamber music groups, including El Teatre Instrumental, the O.S. Camera Musicae, the J.O. Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga de Majadahonda and the Maribor International Orchestra.

Her passion for plastic arts has led her to educate herself in the field of painting and illustration, which is why she has provided wooden motifs of graphic material for her productions.

She is currently part of the De Moment Fantàstics children's animation group, and combines her instrumental activity with her educational work at the EMM in Sant Quirze and the Àgora Sant Cugat International School.


After completing her upper cello studies at the Superior Conservatory of the Liceu. Núria Galvañ moved to Lucerne (Switzerland) to continue her performance training, after returning she took an advanced course at the Liceu Conservatory.

She has been part of several youth orchestras of national and international renown. She is currently a member of the Branimir Slokar Academy.

She combines educational activity in several music schools with concerts and children's shows with various chamber groups and accompanying singer-songwriters.

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