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saturday, august 18 // 9.00 pm


Diabolus in Musica
Familiar concert


Operàmida is a tailor-made opera performance. Tailor-made for who? For the spectators watching it. A scientist-composer will guide the audience so that they can choose the theme. Thanks to technology, the composer will invent three responsive androids (soprano, baritone and pianist) who, with the help of a screen made of silicon micro-condensers, will be able to replicate any piece selected by the spectators. We will explore the elements that make up the operatic performance, while enjoying the story and showcasing great admiration and respect for the genre, as seen through the innocent eyes of first-time spectators.

Program notes

- Daddy, mummy, what is an opera?
- Well, they are very old stories where the characters sing, and they bring together all the arts: painting, sculpture, music, short, I don´t know how to explain it to you because they are many things at once. Do you know what? We will go to Operàmida.

- What is Operàmida?
- Operàmida is a game, a game that all the spectators will play. Operas tell stories that took place a long time ago, and sometimes they are a little difficult to understand, and a little long for us, the 21st century audience. We will play around to create a story in order to perfectly understand it, as we will choose it ourselves. Yes, we will choose what is known as the plot: who the main characters will be, how they will meet, what will happen to them.
Thanks to a scientific-music lover, we will have singers and a pianist capable of performing any piece that we choose. And as we are in the 21st century, a large screen will provide the scenography.

- Sceno... what?
- Scenography. And don´t worry about words that you don´t understand: plot, scenography, main character... When this opera that has been tailor-made for us ends, you will definitely understand them. As well as many others that will make you an opera expert.

- Let´s go!!


Diabolus in Musica

Diabolus in Musica

Diabolus in Musica first appeared in 2016 with the objective of bringing the magic of opera to an untrained audience. During its first two seasons, the music company created the Musica Magestro and Operàmida shows which it performed 250 times in a host of different spaces, including a farm at the Palau de la Música in Valencia. A defining characteristic of Diabolus in Musica is its search for artistic excellence: since the audience has limited experience of opera music, the company strives to offer the highest quality performances, so the unaccustomed spectator can truly enjoy this genre at its best.

Two more shows have been added this season, each one focusing on a different audience and theme: a version of Tosca (Tosca Nostra), aimed for the first time at adults and young spectators and, following in the footsteps of Operàmida, another interactive performance which this time features only zarzuela music (Zarzuela, de la Z a la A).

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